Hi! My name is Noraleen and I have been a licensed esthetician since 2013 and on my spiritual journey since 2016. I started Aquarius Rising in 2022 because I saw a need in the industry that went deeper than the traditional approach to skincare.

I am passionate about holistic skincare because it focuses on whole being wellness rather than just minimizing symptoms. The state of our skin sends us a message about what’s going on with us internally and emotionally. We remove the blocks keeping us from balance by providing our skin with the nourishment it needs and supporting our bodies’ natural detoxification processes both physically and energetically.

Most importantly, I believe trauma is never a rejuvenating event. Physical and mental trauma can affect us epigenetically for up to seven generations - so why would we traumatize our skin in pursuit of improvement?! Permanent change is possible and it doesn't come from inflammatory treatments like chemical peels, micro needling or retin-A/tretinoin/retinol.

Owner and esthetician



You are worthy. Just as you are, right now in this moment. Not in the future, when you achieve that goal or look a certain way or clear your skin up: right now. When we start from a place of worthiness, everything we build towards is just icing on the cake and most importantly, we learn what to give ourselves in order to be able to serve the world from a place of fullness and security.

When we surrender to the truth of our wholeness just as we are, magic happens.

Whether you need spiritual guidance, skincare problem solving, or relaxation a safe space that honors the fullness of you, Aquarius Rising Collective is here for it.

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Because I am committed to loving and valuing myself, even when it's hard and society tells me I shouldn't, I am committed to listening to my skin and body. Because I love myself as a worthy, whole being whose value is inherent rather than dependent on mythical perfection, I am also committed to loving others not just as their personality selves, but on a soul level. I believe that skincare is a powerful gateway to healing and wholeness of not just our outer appearance but our inner love and expression of soul.

Healthy, positive change can’t happen from a place of self hatred, whether we’re talking about our minds, bodies or skin. We can release our expectations and choose love for ourselves as we are in this moment, because the present is all we can experience.


When we lead from a place of love, our success overflows to benefit the people around us. Aquarius Rising refers to the start of a new age: collaboration over competition, innovation + free thinking, exponential growth in human consciousness, and the breaking down of traditions + the status quo to create collectively for the benefit of all beings.




Meet Jakob Bredwell, our radiant addition to the team! With a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their innate beauty, Jakob's expertise is in rejuvenating hydrofacials and skincare.

Hi! I’m Jakob with a K and I’ve been a licensed Esthetician for 2 years. I have worked at several beauty retailers in the past such as Ulta and Dillards as well as in spa environments. I recently got my first Reiki 1 certification and love all things spiritual.

I got into aesthetics because I noticed how I love helping people with their skin and feeling confident in themselves. I focus on creating a beautiful safe environment for each client to feel comfortable, relaxed, and their true selves.



I love the value of taking care of ourselves in multiple aspects - spiritually, mentally, and physically. We are here to live through experiences to create balance and restore ourselves to be in our truest form. Skincare is about taking that time to give yourself love. It’s about the practice of choosing your happiness, allowing yourself to feel worthy, and living the life that best fits your needs.

I’m very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to have an impact on peoples' lives through my work. Facilitating inner healing , allowing energy to flow through your body and co-creating change with you are what's important to me.