Who I Am

Hi! My name is Noraleen and I have been a licensed esthetician since 2013. I started learning about natural skin and hair care in high school as a hobby. When I graduated and was at a loss for a life path, I noticed one of my favorite bloggers was an aesthetician. I had never heard of that but once I looked it up, I was sold! I chose to attend Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics because of their commitment to holistic education, quality program and eco-friendly practices. The most comforting thing about aesthetic school was the certainty that I would learn a concrete hands-on skill that I could bring with me no matter where I ended up.

I am passionate about holistic skincare because it focuses on whole being wellness rather than just minimizing symptoms of conditions that show themselves in our skin. If we aren't going to treat the root of the problem, it's like putting a bandaid over a leak and calling it fixed - that's not good enough for me!

I was tired of seeing temporary improvements in my skin when switching to new products only to have my skin fall back into breakouts, dullness and congestion after it got used to my new routine. My ten years spent treating the skin as an aesthetician taught me a lot about skincare but left me confused as to how skin conditions fit into the bigger picture of our whole body health. I knew what diagnoses and medications were associated with certain symptoms from my time working in Dermatology, but those medical solutions came with side effects and only partially alleviated symptoms, if they worked at all. I doubted my choice of career path and my ability to provide my clients with real, lasting change.

Finally, research and timing led me to Osmosis MD and Ask Dr. Ben, a podcast hosted by the founder and creator of Osmosis. Listening to Dr. Ben talk about disease and how it shows up in our bodies and skin made me so happy because finally, I had found something that made sense. It also aligned with the personal growth and mental healing I was going through in my own journey to wellness: trauma is never a rejuvenating event! I was exploring just how deeply my own personal trauma had been holding me back from feeling worthy and deserving of good things in my life. Physical and mental trauma can affect us epigenetically for up to seven generations - so why the hell was trauma an acceptable treatment for the skin conditions I saw everyday?!

Permanent change is possible in the skin and it doesn't come from traumatic events like chemical peels, micro needling or retin-A/tretinoin/retinol. Just as traditional Western medicine is still eons behind Eastern understanding of our bodies as whole, interconnected selves that are more than just physical beings, traditional aesthetic treatment was stuck in the dark ages of burning + compromising the skin and calling it rejuvenation.

Just as we know that our own and others' negative behavior is evidence of a need for self worth and self love, we can shift from seeing the skin as "misbehaving" to knowing it is part of the powerful, intelligent system we call the human body. Our skin shows us when our internal systems are off and with the tools Osmosis gave me, I can now discern what it needs to be able to rebalance itself. More often than not, something we are doing is standing in the way of our bodies' natural healing processes. Once we can remove barriers to healthy function and support our bodies and skin with the nutrients they need, balancing can take place and healthy functioning resumes.

Because I am committed to loving and valuing myself, even when it's hard and when everything in popular society tells me I shouldn't, I am also committed to listening to my skin and body. Because I love myself as a worthy, whole being whose value is inherent rather than dependent on mythical perfection, I am also committed to loving others not just as their personality selves, but on a soul level. I believe that skincare is a powerful gateway to healing and wholeness of not just our outer appearance but our inner love and expression of soul. Rather than wellness being a constant grind and hustle towards a fictional idea created to keep us dissatisfied with ourselves and convinced of our own limitations, I see wellness as a choice to love ourselves in the present. Expansion is a universal law - we don't have to push for it! It's already happening and our efforts to shame ourselves into shape stand in the way of what we're really capable of. When we surrender to the truth of our wholeness just as we are, magic happens.

You are worthy. Just as you are, right now in this moment. Not in the future, when you achieve that goal or finally lose the weight or get your dream job or clear your skin up: right now. When we start from a place of worthiness, everything we build towards is just icing on the cake and most importantly, we learn what to give ourselves in order to be able to serve the world from a place of fullness and security.

I'm honored to be part of your skincare journey, whether you need an eye cream, a pep talk or an in-depth skin analysis and 6 month routine guidance. I'm so grateful to be building things I couldn't have dreamed of ten or even two years ago, and I couldn't do it without you. Thank you.