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Aquarius Rising

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Response in 2 to 3 business days unless otherwise noted
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This listing is for channeled message(s) based on the number of questions you'd like to ask.

You'll receive a PDF with the responses to your question(s). The PDF is yours to keep forever!


Q. How detailed can/should my questions be?
A. You are more likely to get an answer with more details if your question is specific. As a channel for non-physical energies I receive messages and interpret them based on my own perspective and use of language. If you ask a very general question, infinite intelligence will know what you mean just as well as if you'd been more clear, but it will be harder for me to translate the energies I recieve in a way that will make sense in the context.

Q. Do I need to have a specific group, being or deity in mind for the questions I ask?
A. No you don't! You can be as general or specific as you'd like.

Q. What if my guides or supporting beings won't answer my question?
A. Sometimes we aren't meant to know things at certain times (or at all) in our lives. If this situation arises I will adjust pricing at my discretion.

Q. Can I ask follow up questions?
A. Absolutely! If you've paid for 3 questions and decide upon receiving your responses that you have 3 more questions (or start with 1 question and want to ask 2 or 5 more), I will honor the 6 question rate. Please let me know within 24 hours of receiving your PDF if you want to upgrade to more questions.