Channeled Tarot Guidance Session

Aquarius Rising

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This listing is for a non-local tarot reading.

You'll be asked to submit your question or general inquiry for your reading. You'll receive a PDF with your 8 to 10 card reading, analysis of the cards and their meaning in relation to your question and their positioning to one another, and any channeled messages that came through for you during your reading. The PDF is yours to keep forever!


"The channeling that Noraleen did for me tied together so many loose ends. It was everything I needed to hear to help me move forward on my journey. It was highly confirming of information I had been feeling for myself while also providing clarity around some areas that had previously felt murky and unclear. The fact that I was able to look back at the email and read through it several times to help process and integrate the messages that she brought through for me was incredibly helpful as well. I HIGHLY suggest getting a channeling session with Noraleen! Especially if you're needing soe guidance along your journey!" - Chelsea

"Noraleen's ever-calming and knowledgeable demeanor was the perfect pairing to her insightful reading. She guided me to consider my current circumstances through an alternate lens - which was much needed. And though I left with more to think about, I felt more at peace with myself. Highly recommend!" - Jenn