Five Card Tarot Reading

Aquarius Rising

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This listing is for a non-local tarot reading.

You'll be asked to submit your question or general inquiry for your reading. You'll receive a PDF with your reading, analysis of the cards and their meaning in relation to your question and their positioning to one another. The PDF is yours to keep forever!

The more specific your question, the better I'll be able to interpret what the cards are saying in relation to your query. More general questions will receive answers that are centered around what the cards typically mean rather than being as relevant to your situation.


"Noraleen's ever-calming and knowledgeable demeanor was the perfect pairing to her insightful reading. She guided me to consider my current circumstances through an alternate lens - which was much needed. And though I left with more to think about, I felt more at peace with myself. Highly recommend!" - Jenn