Initial Skin Consultation

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Response in 2 to 3 business days unless otherwise noted
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This service is for clients who are new to Osmosis and/or skincare who want to create an individualized plan that's best for their skin.

You'll receive a link to a form that will tell me all the background info I need including your current conditions, product routine and short/long term goals for your skin health. I will also request pictures of your skin.

I'll put together a plan for you based on this information and you'll know exactly what products will help you get to where you want to be with your skin. This will include education about why I recommend the changes I do for your healthiest skin. You'll also get a code for 10% off two or more products to help you jump start your new routine!

If you're local to Chattanooga product pick-up or drop off can be arranged. Otherwise shipping is available to anywhere in the US.


Everyone's skin and internal environments are different; I may suggest further Holistic Skin Coaching if it seems like ongoing support is necessary for issues that have more deeply rooted internal causes and require more extensive problem solving. I will let you know this up front as much as I can - our skin health is a balance that results from external product use and care of our internal environment including our diet and lifestyle choices. Some skin conditions result from years of imbalance and so they will take longer to resolve - I'm here to support you through all of it!