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Aquarius Rising

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"I want you to know how wonderful yesterday was for me. I always feel better after our sessions, bt yesterday really, really showed me how well reiki works. I feel better than I have in weeks, and not just physically but also mentally. I struggle with pretty severe depression and anxiety and weeks of physical pain cause those issues to become worse as well. But after I got home yesterday I felt so much lighter and calmer. I slept better last night than I have in months! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!" - V.


This listing is for a non-local reiki session.

Energy isn't confined to time and space the way that we as third dimensional physical beings are. When reiki is sent you may receive it at any time you choose. It may come when you need it most or if you want to be more intentional you can create an environment you feel most comfortable in with the intention of receiving the energy - for example, when you're in bed before you fall asleep at night, or get cozy on the couch in a space of no distractions.

This session will include any channeled messages or impressions that come through when I perform your service sent to your email or contact information afterwards.