Sacred Service - 6 Week Transformation

Aquarius Rising

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What is it worth to feel secure in your own knowing?
I’ve been searching for that certainty for what feels like my whole life.
I always thought I would find the one thing that would click into place and finally “fix” me.
Reiki feels like the start of my journey, but it was really the culmination of a lifetime of experiences.
Having a deeply impactful and yet surprisingly simple strategy for connecting with my inner knowing has been nothing short of life changing.
It has shown me time and time again that it isn’t about what I find outside of me but what comes through me.
My purpose is being radically and fully myself - and yours is too. That’s it! The more we embody our authenticity the more fully we step into our purpose. Everything starts with this.
The past two years have led to endless transformation for my relationship with myself, my clients, my business and the most important people in my life - and this is how it began.
Do you keep searching for the one thing that will give you answers?
Do you know what you're really looking for is connection to your own unwavering truth?
If you're a service provider, you're already providing healing energy to your clients. How would it feel to know you could offer that energy intentionally?
Do you want to be able to tap into this flow regardless of the situation you're in, especially when you feel trapped like there's nothing else you can do?
Reiki is a powerful healing force that is innate in every human being. Energy isn't subject to the confines of time and space, just like we aren't actually these physical packages of flesh bumbling around in the third dimension.
Connecting to reiki means you have access to the flow of healing energy that exists everywhere, all the time. We are innately wired to offer this flow to those around us.
This course is designed to take twelve weeks, one session every other week, so you can study at your own pace with three months access to the material. You can move through the material more quickly if you're hungry for it! Reiki is not a linear practice - the energy works as you work with it. This gives you time to build your meditation practice at a steady pace and fully experience the flow of different types of energy as you learn to distinguish between them. You’ll be guided through practice sessions for yourself and others.
You'll become certified as a Reiki level I practitioner but more importantly, you'll experience a transformation in your relationship with yourself and the Universe. Shifting your energy changes the foundations of how you attract and maintain client relationships along with all other aspects of your life.
Feel free to reach out with any questions using our contact form or DM us on instagram @aquariusrising.aesthetics! This early bird pricing lasts until March 1. Materials released in April 2023.